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I love to learn. I wasn't that great of a student in school, but now that I have found my passion I can't get enough. One of those passions is development, design, and the technologies of the web. In addition to tutorials on Lynda.com, I am a constant tech news reader. I often share articles with friends and coworkers to encourage and aid their professional advancement.

Shortstackdev came out of this passion for personal betterment. I wanted a way to collect and share interesting articles and pages. With the aid of my full stack developer buddies, Jonathan Gingrich and Alex Mayer, we created a curated news aggregation site, shortstackdev.com.

I developed the product idea, basic business plan, and did the majority of the front design and development. We are currently in our prelaunch (beta) phase and are looking for other tech enthusiasts to help us manage content.

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Sam Shoemaker is a designer, marketer, web dev, and all-around nice guy living and working in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.

Email: sam@samshoe.com
Phone: 717-606-4038
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