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Two major influences on my love for the PA German culture are my aunt & uncle, Ned and Gwen Foltz of the Foltz Pottery Shop. If you grew up in Lancaster County during the late 70s through the early 90s and had any interest in the arts and craft movement, then you knew Foltz Pottery. I was fortunate enough to grow up living next to their home and pottery studio. When I was young and into my teens I cared more about the food my aunt served at every pottery show than the pottery itself. It wasn't until I started my own pottery business that I really understood how unique it was to grow up in a master potter?s studio.

I now have the wonderful privilege to design the invitations for each of the shows at the Foltz Pottery Shop, now in business for over 55 years. For the past 30+ years my aunt & uncle have sent out postcard invites to their special shows. Today they send out an invitation every three to four weeks. Usually, I stage photoshoots of pottery or seasonal decorations for the front of each unique invite. Other than taking preview photos of each pottery show, this is one of my favorite things to do in the world.

Sam Shoemaker is a designer, marketer, web dev, and all-around nice guy living and working in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.

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