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Each show that is held at the Foltz Pottery Shop is 110% unique. The pottery, decorations, and food are all special to each event. This is unlike any other craft show you have ever attended. In addition to creating the postcard mailers for each show, I also have the wonderful task of photographing each show the night before it opens.

There is never a lack of photographic opportunities. The studio is in a 18th century, one-room school house. The redware pottery is completely original and each piece one-of-a-kind, and the decorations are better than any Martha Stewart magazine. I take anywhere between 50 and 100 photos of each event, do some minor editing, and post to our very responsive Facebook followers.

Lastly, I also design a number of other promotional pieces throughout the year including yearly schedule, posters, invites and email blasts.

Sam Shoemaker is a designer, marketer, web dev, and all-around nice guy living and working in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.

Email: sam@samshoe.com
Phone: 717-606-4038
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