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Making Marketing Make Sense

"How do I know my marketing is working?" This is an all too common question for business owners and even marketing managers. In the old days of print marketing, this was a difficult question to answer.. Now with new technologies and softwares, we are able to link our marketing to our sales in a functional and effective way. In order to address the above question, I helped introduce a marketing automation tool into the workflow of one of my former employers with the intention of helping to expand their client portfolio.

In order to justify bringing this new tool into the company, I developed a Marketing Automation Seminar campaign that included a direct mail piece, phone call follow-up, customized landing page, and email automation strategy that were all able to be tracked and monitored with our marketing automation tool. This would allow us to monitor our success not only with online activity, but with our print and phone campaigns as well. I led the strategy, design, and development of this project.

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Sam Shoemaker is a designer, marketer, web dev, and all-around nice guy living and working in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.

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