When I was a little kid, I got fired from my very first job mowing lawn for our neighbor. I totally deserved it. I was such a terrible employee that my dad actually made me go over and apologize.

Today I look back at that moment and I'm so grateful for my neighbor's honesty and my dad's integrity. While my distaste for mowing and yard work hasn't changed, I am determined to do the very best, no matter the task and no matter the reward.

work experience

weber advertising & marketing

Design, Marketing, Sales: February 2014­-June 2016
www.weberadvertising.com | (717) 299-1277 | Lancaster, PA
My first day at Weber Advertising was in the Art Department. Starting as a designer and growing into a web developer was a priceless experience. As our team grew, I had the opportunity to organize and help manage web projects while finding ways to optimize our workflows. My passion for marketing and drive to see our clients succeed naturally led me to the client side where I managed projects, developed sales pitches, and communicated with clients.

Roles @ Weber

Designer & Developer
  • Designed brand-centric websites
  • Designed marketing touch points for all marketing channels
  • Developed custom, dynamic, PHP based websites and web apps
  • Developed dynamic email blasts
  • Led team in exploring more efficient web development tools
  • Managed website builds from site map concepts to deployment
  • Created custom marketing strategies focused on promoting brand benefits
  • Utilized marketing tools: buyer personas, buyer journeys, SWOT analysis and focus groups
  • Developed inbound marketing and marketing automation products to expand client base
  • Aided and collaborated on copywriting and art direction
Sales & Account Management
  • Worked on sales process from beginning to end
  • Developed strategic marketing initiatives for potential clients
  • Created/designed proposal presentations based on initial client meetings
  • Facilitated exploratory and ideation meetings that encouraged client participation in the creative process from the get-go
  • Worked closely with project managers, creatives, designers and developers to ensure clarity and completion of client goals

Shoemaker Arts, LLC

Owner: January 2010­-Current
Legal entity for freelance marketing and design work. Projects included branding, print design, web design and development, marketing consultation, project management.

Current Client Projects

Jan’s Circle of Friends

Designer & Marketing Consultant

  • Advisor, designer and brand advocate to the board of directors. Currently advising creation of brand guidelines to ensure brand integrity with partner organizations. Redesigned and developed new custom, mobile-friendly website that better promotes brand.
Bear Mill Estate

Designer & Marketing Consultant

  • Designer and marketing consultant for high-end wedding venue in Denver, PA. Worked directly with the owner to create a brand and marketing materials that reflects the unique historical character of the estate. Currently advising for online marketing automation strategy.

Shoemaker Pottery

Owner/Artist: October 2012­-December 2015
From Oct. 2012 to Feb. 2014 worked full time as a self-employed potter. Attended local and national shows and ran all aspects of small business including bookkeeping, marketing, sales, and production.

My works are my own designs. I take inspiration from PA German and Southern Folk artists and their motifs and create my own interpretations. I create my wares on a potter's wheel or by using a slump molding method. The latter is only used for some plates and platters. I then decorate, glaze, and fire each piece to approximately 1900 degrees fahrenheit. Prices range from $20-$600.

Sample of My Pottery

with slip and sgraffito decoration
Redware Tureen with Bird
wheel-thrown and hand-formed
Inside-Out Pot
one of my signature forms


Lebanon Valley College

History & Communications | Annville, PA | Class of 2011
As a History & Communications major at Lebanon Valley College I gained experience in different communications fields, such as graphic and web design, public relations, journalism and social media while studying various periods and events of our past.


Course Subjects Completed:
Project Management, Adobe User Experience, Javascript, Copywriting, Programming

Additional skills

I have been building websites for 5 years. The pace of the technology drives me to know more.
Adobe Creative Suite
Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Lightroom are my strongest areas, but I am familiar with Premier as well.
Google Analytics & Adwords
I know how to set up basic GA accounts and reports, research keyword lists, create basic campaigns
Public Speaking
I have a background in theatre, love to entertain, teach, and sway an audience.
A nice camera can only get you so far. Photography is about capturing something unsaid. That's what I do.
Email Marketing
A good content marketer will tell you that a healthily subscribed email list is better than any social platform.
Public Relations
Writing press releases, creating relationships, and reaching out to community leaders is all part of the job.
Event & Seminar Coordination
Hardwork, sweat, and patience are the keys to hosting a memorable event.
Print Production
My interest in design doesn't end at File Save. I love the hands-on work of prepping, printing and finishing a job.
Video content is such a vital media for content marketing. It's such an engaging medium.


I grew up in my uncle's pottery shop, but it wasn't until I was about 23 that I really understood how special the craft is. Inspired by my uncle's wonderful colors, shapes, and PA German motifs, in 2012 I started my own small pottery business and have been making redware pottery ever since.
My family is full of artistic talent. I started painting with oils when I was in college. The time I spend painting is at the same time amazingly frustrating and completely satisfying. It's taught me that 90% of the time, I may hate what I'm doing, but the results that come from the last 10% are totally worth it.
Two things that I'm not particularly good at are spelling and punctuation. If it weren't for spellcheck and autocorrect I would constantly be looking up my "i"s and "e"s and using semicolons way too much. However, I love to string words together in hopes that they result in something that may pass as proper English.
I have a hard time committing to books, except maybe on vacation. When I read it's usually from my Feedly newsfeed full of marketing, tech and creative news. My other reading options are articles and readings from TableTalk Magazine or Cooks Illustrated, both of which adorn the top of the toilet tank.
From best to worst I sing, play drums, and play guitar. I was a music recording major for almost two years, and currently am a sound tech at our church. I listen to everything from opera to dance music. My favorite piece of music is Beethoven's Allegretto from his Symphony No. 7.
Theology & Philosophy
Everyone has their own opinion about God, reality, and existence. While the discussion of these three foundational topics is sometimes discouraged from polite table talk, I love to hear the passionate opinions of others. I may not agree, but I truely respect those brave enought to be passionate and informed.
Soli Deo Gloria

Sam Shoemaker is a designer, marketer, web dev, and all-around nice guy living and working in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.

Email: sam@samshoe.com
Phone: 717-606-4038
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