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Meet Sam Shoe(maker)

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With 15+ years of experience, Sam Shoemaker grows businesses by fostering trust and authenticity. 

His approach combines strategic branding and marketing, impactful video and content, plus experience advising business owners. 

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Consultation Guarantee: Guaranteed Value or Sam Buys Lunch: Identify Key Obstacles and Action Items with Personal Follow-Up

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Brand & Content Services

Develop your irresistible brand through a holistic approach to brand strategy, identity, leadership, video, and content. 

Brand Identity & Messaging

You'll Build An Irresistible Brand When You Explore Its Depth.

Video & Content For Brands

Rapidly Build Trust, Authenticity, & Authority Through Content.

Marketing Consulting

Develop A Marketing Lead Generation System That Works For Your Business.

Workshops & Events

Helping you develop as a marketplace leader through branding, marketing, and business workshops and advisory groups. 


Empower your personal and professional development through Sam’s dynamic and interactive workshops focusing on topics such as branding, marketing, leadership, and faith. 

Upcoming Workshops


Join a community of believers as we deepen our faith, build our relationships, and redeem work as worship. 

Upcoming Events:

Workful Worship Conference: One-day conferences exploring the idea that work is worship. 

Next Conference:
Workful Workship Fruitful Multiplication – Oct. 16, 2024 – Harrisburg, PA

Hey There!

I’m Sam Shoemaker, or Sam Shoe for short.

I live among the rolling hills of Amish Country in Lancaster, PA. I wear black or denim shirts nearly every day. I like long walks on the beach, but LOVE brainstorming in front of a marker board with sticky notes and a working expo marker in my hand.

I’m a branding nerd and practical creative marketer. I believe in people-focused profits, leader-minded people, and values-driven brands. 

Foremost, I’m a Christian business owner exploring what it means to be faithful & productive.

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Consultation Guarantee: Guaranteed Value or Sam Buys Lunch: Identify Key Obstacles and Action Items with Personal Follow-Up

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